Recap Energy and Quantica Renovables lead the self-consumption revolution in Spain

May 4, 2023 | News

The Andalusian engineering company has joined forces with the Swedish investment fund to promote the renewable energy industrial sector in Spain. Thanks to this strategic collaboration, more than 6 MW have been achieved in PPA format, which has allowed the Spanish industry to adopt clean energy in a more accessible way.

Recap Energy and QUANTICA Renovables have actively contributed to the advancement of renewable energies in the commercial and industrial sector in Spain, carrying out solar self-consumption projects with a capacity of more than 6 MW. Thanks to this initiative, companies can benefit from solar energy without having to make their own investment.
This is an important step in the transition towards a more sustainable and ecological future for Spain, and demonstrates the industry’s commitment to the environment and energy efficiency.

The drive towards the energy transition has led industrial companies to seek cost-effective and accessible solutions to maintain their competitiveness in the market. In this context, self-consumption has positioned itself as the most attractive option and in 2022, record figures have confirmed its consolidation in Spain. With more than 1.6 GW formalized in the industrial sector, more than 23,000 companies have taken the step towards a more sustainable and efficient energy model.

This record number has been driven by a series of historic events that have significantly marked this key moment in the energy transition. The pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the sharp rise in energy costs, almost double-digit inflation figures and the variation in interest rates have led companies to seek new forms of financing to undertake these self-consumption facilities.

In this scenario, the PPA solution has established itself as a beneficial alternative for companies, since it allows them to self-consume solar energy without having to make an initial investment. In the PPA model, Recap Energy is the owner of the installation and assumes the risk of operating and maintaining the plant, selling the solar energy at a competitive price to the company/customer for 15 years.
To carry out the execution of these plants, Recap Energy has relied on one of the major players in the self-consumption sector in Spain, Quantica Renovables, a company that has helped more than 200 industrial clients to make the leap to self-consumption and which It has more than 5,000 photovoltaic installations executed since 2017.

The good synergies between both partners have borne fruit and that is that, combining the technical capacity of Quantica and the financial capacity of Recap, in 2022 almost 3 MW were built in self-consumption plants and the figure for 2023 is almost 4 MW.

“At Recap Energy we focus on providing financial solutions that allow companies in the industrial sector to actively participate in the progress of renewable energies. Through our PPA formula, we ensure that these companies do not compromise their cash flow, remain competitive in their industry, and demonstrate their strong commitment to sustainability. In this way, our clients can invest in a more sustainable future without putting their current financial stability at risk.” comments Angie Garzón, Spain Sales Director, Recap Energy.

In the words of Javier Becerra, Director of Business Development at Quantica Renovables, “the PPA formula really brings industrial energy closer to all sectors and company sizes. We encourage this financial solution because, regardless of the cash reality of the project in question, You can always access solar energy with the appropriate financial structuring”


Gonzalo Ubieto, Operations Director Spain, Recap Energy.

Evaristo Ramos, Brand Director, QUANTICA Renovables
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