Energy Storage

Energy storage with batteries can provide a series of benefits for C&I clients, such as peak-shaving, increased available capacity, resilience and UPS. A battery can be a perfect complement to solar installation allowing the client to use the solar energy outside solar hours and decrease export of solar energy to the grid. Recap offers Battery-as-a-Service by the hour to industries, allowing them to only pay for the battery capacity when they actually use it.

5.3 MW

Total capacity in operation and under construction

Perfect complement to solar systems

The economical feasibility of batteries is increasing, and they can provide a series of valuable benefits for corporate clients. Energy Storage allows the client to use solar energy outside of solar hours. Batteries also provide a stand-alone value, allowing the client more available and reliable power capacity together with efficient energy planning and management.

Recap offers energy storage solutions as a stand-alone product, or as a packaged deal with solar installations.

EV Solutions

Recap offers charging infrastructure together with energy storage and solar energy for a smooth transition towards fleet electrification
The increasing demand of electrified vehicles will have an impact on the available power capacity. By using intelligent EV solutions, electric vehicles can be charged with limited additional capacity from the grid. Adding battery together with the EV solutions can provide an almost immediate solution to the capacity shortage that might occur when electrifying a transport fleet.