Supported business

Strong financial performance coupled with positive environmental and social impact is extremely attractive to a growing number of investors.
Leveraging on a deep technical and commercial knowledge, and strong financial expertise, Recap’s projects combine customized energy as a service solutions to its corporate clients with high returns for the investors.

Investing in the potential of distributed energy

We offer our investor partners direct investment opportunities with attractive returns in high-impact distributed renewable energy and storage projects. Leveraging our deep technical and commercial knowledge from distributed energy markets, we originate, develop and aggregate asset portfolios based on customized energy as a service solutions to corporate clients. These portfolios offer unique features to investors, combining strong environmental credentials of self-consumption with long-term energy service agreements and diversification benefits of project aggregation across sectors, project size and offtakers.

Recap works with a range of investors in building its growing portfolio of green assets using diverse sources of capital for project-, asset- and corporate financing.