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297 MWTotal capacity developed and under development
174,000 tCO2Yearly reduction of emissions from our projects
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Energy as a Service

Through its EaaS business model, Recap provides flexible and customized energy services to the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) sector. The client only pays for the energy they use reducing their energy cost without having to make any upfront capital investment.

“Our goal is to bridge the gap between large capital pools and small distributed energy projects.”

Marco Berggren, CEO Recap Energy


For a greener future

The Commercial and Industrial (C&I) segment is facing a major shift and must adapt to the ongoing energy transition.
Current solar and battery technologies have proven to be economically beneficial for the corporate segment, and implementing these are a way for companies to comply to increasing ESG requirements and expectations. Despite the opportunities, many companies still rather invest in their core business, avoiding the risks and uncertainties of having a stake in something that is not within their expertise and compromising their credit capability. For these companies, Recap offers flexible, fully financed, and customized energy services. That way the client can benefit from clean energy while staying focused on their core business.

Reduce your energy costs and grid consumptionReduce your energy costs and grid consumption
Predict your energy costsPredict your energy costs
Reduce your CO<sub>2</sub> footprintReduce your CO2 footprint

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Recap Energy expands with the acquisition of Tvinn

Recap Energy expands with the acquisition of Tvinn

Recap Energy announces the acquisition of Tvinn to strengthen its business concepts offering both Energy as a Service (EaaS) and Battery as a Service (BaaS).  Recap Energy launches a new business area, Recap Power, and acquires Energy Management System specialist...

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Recap invests 25 MSEK in Energy Storage solutions 🌱

Recap invests 25 MSEK in Energy Storage solutions 🌱

In may, Recap Energy invested in #batteries worth 25 million SEK, which will be available for VänerEnergi through a lease agreement. Recap Energy has also prepared to invest close to 1 billion SEK in batteries over the next two to three years. In the last 15 years,...

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