About Recap

Mission and Vision

Mission: To provide flexible, customized and fully financed clean energy solutions to C&I clients.

Vision: To enable the global energy transition to a growing number of C&I businesses.

Our Value Proposition

Energy savings and emission reductions at zero investments for C&I clients.

O&M, improvements and updates with no additional investments throughout contract term.

Best available equipment – client gains ownership of the equipment after the contract (Rooftop Solar).

Customized technical and financial solutions.

Recap Energy has 3 main business lines

Recap C&I – Rooftop Solar (EaaS):

Recap C&I – Rooftop Solar is the Group’s business area that is specialized in solar projects for self-consumption.
Rooftop solar installations provide energy behind-the-meter, allowing them to consume the energy directly from the installation and thereby avoid costs and inefficiencies of transmission and distribution, as well as related taxes.

Recap Ground Mounted:

Recap Ground Mounted is focusing on developing ground mounted solar PV installation to provide corporate PPAs to C&I clients, enabling them to consume 100% clean energy.

Recap Energy Storage (BaaS):

Energy storage with batteries can provide a series of benefits for C&I clients, such as peak-shaving, increased available capacity, resilience and UPS. A battery can be a perfect complement to a solar installation allowing the client to use the solar energy outside solar hours and decrease export of solar energy to the grid. Recap offers Battery-as-a-Service by the hour to industries, allowing them to only pay for the battery capacity when they actually use it.