Recap’s sustainability strategy is built around its mission and vision statements.


” To provide flexible, customized, and fully financed clean energy solutions to C&I clients,”positions Recap as a solution provider for clean energy adoption across various business types.


” To enable the global energy transition for a growing number of C&I businesses,” reflects Recap’s aspiration to guide numerous enterprises on their journey toward sustainable energy.

Few words from our ceo

What is your opinion on Recap’s sustainability work?

Sustainability is the core of our business, and we want to make sure that it is not only the emission reductions and environmental focus, but that we also properly address the social and governance aspects which are material to our business.

– Marco Berggren, Founder & CEO, Recap Energy


The ESG Matrix consists of three main sections covering: Environmental, Social, and Governance aspects of the business.
Within each section, overarching material topics are established.


Clean energy with minimal negative impact


Recap contributes to improving energy efficiency and avoiding emissions from its clients. But we are aware that we need to address our impacts as well. We have identified that energy consumption in offices, business air travel compensation, and the supply chain of the equipment used in the projects are the main sources of impact related to the core of our business.

Yearly reduction from our projects


Our organization primarily utilizes water for project and panel maintenance, alongside water discharge from our offices. To address this issue, we’ve integrated guidelines into our contracts. These guidelines focus on panel maintenance protocols, emphasizing the exclusion of chemicals that could harm both the environment and panel efficiency.



In cooperation with our partners, we prioritize waste management in project construction and operations. Our offices also adhere to a global policy focused on reducing, reusing, and recycling tailored to local regulations and with employee training for active participation. To prepare for future challenges, we also research optimal disposal strategies for solar equipment.

Green Seals & Certifications

Green Bond Framework and Certification

Low Carbon Business Action (LCBA)

Swedish Climate Startup Map

NextGeneration EU


Empowered people and communities

Community and job creation

Recap has worked to develop strong relationships with EPC providers and other local partners. Our partners have played a significant role in the development of our business in the different markets we have operations. Recap’s investments also contribute to the creation of local job opportunities in the renewable energy sector. Collaborating with local partners supports workforce expansion, skill development, and sector expertise.

Number of partners across our markets

Clean Energy Investment Benefits

Reducing energy costs without any upfront investment at Colegio Los Nogales in Colombia

Colegio Los Nogales has made significant strides in sustainability by becoming one of the first schools in Colombia to adopt a solar energy system. This green initiative involved the installation of over 200 solar panels across three of their primary buildings. These panels are capable of generating approximately 45% of the total energy required to power the school’s daily operations. The contractual agreement for this solar project spans 18 years.


Recap Energy provides Colegio Los Nogales with the following:


  • Capacity: 123 kWp
  • Production: 151,756 kWh/year
  • CO2 reductions: 59 tons/year

Contributing to a stable energy supply for the
Karunashraya Hospice in India

Recap successfully installed a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system at the Karunashraya facility. This system reduces the hospice’s dependence on conventional grid power and provides almost uninterrupted availability of energy. Under a 20-year contract, Recap is dedicated to providing sustainable energy solutions to Karunashraya, contributing to a stable energy supply for the hospice as well as its financial sustainability. The hospice will save 15% on the energy produced by the PV system over 20 years.

Recap Energy provides The Karunashraya with the following:


  • Capacity: 21.8 kWp
  • Production: 36,619 kWh/year
  • CO2 reductions: 33.28 tons/year




At Recap, we recognize that our employees are our most valuable components.
We work towards offering competitive employment opportunities grounded in principles such as equal pay, diversity and inclusion, and personal development. The company firmly believes that bringing together individuals from different backgrounds, demographics, and professional experiences offers numerous advantages to the company’s global vision and overall skill set.



Active markets

Languages spoken


Transparency, fairness and awareness

Corporate governance and policies

Recap’s ESG initiatives are guided by the following key policies:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Anti-corruption Manual
  • General Group Policies
  • Remuneration Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Office Waste Management Policy
  • Sustainable Development Strategy
  • Responsible Sourcing Policy
  • Investment Exclusion Criteria
  • Employee Misconduct Reporting Guide
  • Whistleblowing

financial and non-financial reporting

Laws and regulations governing the financial industry and renewable energy projects are in place to ensure transparency, fairness, and accountability. Proper diligence regarding legal compliance can be related to the following:

  1. Complying with laws and regulations demonstrates Recap’s commitment to ethical and responsible business practices which are essential for attracting and retaining capital.
  2. Adhering to regulations and best practices helps reduce the likelihood of regulatory fines, lawsuits, and reputation damage associated with non-compliance