Recap secures partnership with Vasakronan for Energy Storage project

Nov 6, 2023 | News

Recap Energy has recently entered into a significant agreement with Vasakronan, the esteemed owner of the property where our cutting-edge Energy Storage will be situated. This landmark agreement paves the way for the rental of a parking lot to accommodate our revolutionary 150 kWp battery energy storage system. Notably, our versatile container is designed for quick and hassle-free relocation upon request.

Project Details:

  • Size: 150 kWp
  • Location: Uppsala, Sweden
  • Client: Uppsala Science Park KB
  • Application: Ancillary services
  • Agreement: Land lease

In addition to this exciting development, we’ve outlined a strategic plan that involves relocating the container up to two to three times annually. This mobility extends not only within the local vicinity but also beyond, allowing us to make appearances at various fairs and exhibitions. Our agreement with Vasakronan spans an impressive three-year period, offering both stability and flexibility with a reasonable notice period of six months.

The deployment of our battery system within the container serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it operates as an innovative test facility, enabling us to explore and fine-tune our energy solutions. This space will also be dedicated to supporting essential local services, including pivotal assistance to Svenska Kraftnät. Moreover, it will serve as a dynamic, temporary solution for addressing capacity challenges, particularly in the fast charger domain, where transient capacity issues often pose significant challenges.

True to our commitment to seamless functionality, Recap is diligently working on establishing a convenient connection station. This station can be sourced either directly from the property or in close proximity to a nearby transformer station, offering us the ability to effortlessly connect and disconnect from the container. This not only streamlines our operations but also facilitates smooth relocations as needed. In a bid to further enhance efficiency, our container boasts specially equipped “quick couplings,” which have been custom-ordered to ensure swift and efficient connections and disconnections. Rest assured, the container itself has been meticulously engineered for mobility and holds the necessary certifications to support this agile approach.

As we journey forward, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates on our groundbreaking developments in energy storage solutions.

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