Has self-consumption as a service been consolidated in Spain?

Mar 31, 2023 | News

The numbers speak for themselves. In 2022, 2.6 GW have been installed, doubling the figure of the previous year. More than 23,000 companies have decided to bet on photovoltaic energy to reduce their electricity costs, contribute to the energy transition and reduce dependency on the grid.

Driving this change is Recap Energy, a Swedish company that has been able to increase its portfolio of self-consumption industrial clients by 130%, positioning itself as a benchmark company in financing this type of facility. And it is that more and more companies are betting on the financing model for self-consumption. As proof of this, Recap is completing the construction of a 5 MWp project between ground and roof, for one of the largest paper manufacturing groups in Europe at its factory in Aragon. Another success story is the Andalusian company Inés Rosales, which has opted for the financing model with a discount on the Recap Energy bill.

The development of this new service is even being implemented in countries like Colombia, proof of this is that Recap has signed one of the three largest self-consumption projects in the country, 7 MWp, for an important cement company.

Given this unstoppable pace, Recap Energy has added a new partner to restructure its investment platform in Spain, EVLI. Founded in 1985, EVLI is a Nordic fund manager managing a total of €16 billion in assets. EVLI shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange. According to its partners, Spain is a key focus area as it has invested in Spanish solar projects since 2017.

With this new financial restructuring, Recap intends to gain market share and help more companies join the change.

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